Kirsten Kitchen

About me

  • About Kirsten Kitchen
    I trained at The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine And Aromatherapy
    under the guidance of its principal, Gabriel Mojay. Gabriel is a leading authority
    on the application of oriental medicine to aromatherapy and author of ‘AROMATHERAPY FOR HEALING THE SPIRIT’.
  • Diploma in Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Massage (which includes Oriental Medicine and Diagnosis)
  • As part of my study year, I was also privileged to work with Rhiannon Harris, a clinical aromatherapist and true leader in this field.
  • As a graduate of ITHMA I embrace the institute’s dynamic blend of scientific and holistic, eastern and western therapeutic approach to my work as an aromatherapist.
  • I am a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) which is a large and professional body that requires me to adhere to the codes of conduct and practice as well as continually updating my knowledge and training (CPD).
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