Kirsten Kitchen


“Felt like I was sleeping with my eyes open”
- Florence, Daughter aged 4

“ Thoroughly beneficial and relaxing for both body and mind – What a very perceptive massage practitioner”
- Sophia, aged 39, Photographer

“The blend was emotionally relieving, helping to let go of my tension and anxiety”
- Sarah, aged 30, Performer

“Found it very easy to relax and zone out with the amazing oils. I’m left feeling very calm and content – just wonderful”
- Lucy, aged 26, Project Manager

“Really fantastic! The mix of oils worked completely – very calming and grounding. Particularly good was the back and head massage – felt myself floating almost!”
- Madeleine, aged 50, TV producer

“Absolutely perfect. Had very profound effect on my mind as well as my body. Fell asleep! Perfect blend of oils. Can’t wait for next one!”
- Sally-Joe, aged 48, Mother/Journalist

“Calming, healing and delivered with humanity, soul and kindness. Really very, very special indeed.”
- Richard, aged 47, Magician

“Before the treatment i was feeling emotional and teary, but afterwards i felt far more stable and relaxed”
- Dzovinar, aged 39, Mother/Actress

“Kirsten is very nurturing. I found the explanations of the properties of the oils very interesting and beneficial.”
- Karen, aged 52, Yoga Teacher

“A very pleasurable experience. Kirsten has a very sympathetic and caring manner – very conducive to relaxing and truly giving in to the experience”
- Nancy, aged 64, Retired

“What a wonderful massage – i feel so relaxed. What a treat!”
- Carolyn, aged 44, Web editor

“Felt in very safe hands and the outcome was testimony to that. Thank-you”
- Toby, aged 46, Designer

“I was thrilled with my treatment. Kirsten really took time to understand which oils would be of most benefit to me. I slept very well for the first time in ages”
- Sarah, aged 40, Singer and Lyricist

“Very caring questions about my health before mixing oils. Very relaxing massage. Very good hands”
- Celine, aged 65, Hairdresser

“Kirsten was remarkably intuitive about which oils were best for me (and knew the oils i love!). I came away feeling relaxed and in a very positive frame of mind!”
- Farah, aged 40, social-worker/Mother

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